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http://ogogon.ru       Artėja Velykos. Tingite dažyti kiaušinius? Ne bėda, už jus kiaušinius gali nudažyti kiaušinių dažymo aparatas „Egg-bot‘as“.

       „Egg-bot‘as“ – tai atvirojo kodo meno robotas, kuris gali piešti ant sferinės ar kiaušinio formos objektų, kurie yra nuo stalo teniso kamuoliukų iki mažų greipfrutų ir kitų daiktų (pavyzdžiui, elektros lemputės) dydžio, ir kurių skersmuo yra maždaug 1,25-4,25 colių (3,2 – 10,8 cm).

       Pirmas „Egg-bot‘o“ modelis gimė 1990 metų pavasarį Jungtinėse Amerikos Valstijose. Per tuos keletą dešimtmečių jis labai patobulėjo.

       Aparatas susideda iš dviejų besisukančių mechanizmų: vienas suka objektą, o kitas judina piešimo priemonę. Iš kompiuterio, kuris prijungtas prie „Egg-bot‘o“, aparatui galima užduoti nupiešti bet kokį paveikslą.


       Nors robotas gali nupiešti labai gražius piešinius, bet vis tik, ar ne maloniau naudoti senus kiaušinių dažymo metodus, kuriuos naudojo mūsų seneliai ar tėvai. O ir pats aparatas nėra pigus, jis kainuoja 195 JAV dolerius.



"I got helpful to my

"I got helpful to my evaluation, " curry recalled,[url=http://www.kdshoes.us.com]kd shoes[/url] "people said I had been too short, don't play college basketball, then for the same reason that I can't play in the NBA. People do not think I can play protect, then said I am an excellent pure point guard, until October of a year ago, I also found that this general manager of funny if you ask me as the league 3rd good shooting guard. I've got not yet fully perform their full potential, i really set a higher common to himself, committed to continuously improve to be more outstanding. "

"We've never met a person with him so great shooting everywhere, " warriors coach tag Jackson said, "and rotate, stop and go empty-handed, get hand, step back, calf, in the face involving two double forced to help......, any thought of shooting mode, you can see he could be astonishingly. We have never ever seen anyone can reach this level, his Steve Nash (microblogging) played a superior level, the two-time MVP honor, shooting is incredible, but it is usually a level. And his other like reggie cooper, Chris mullin, such because dell and I competed together - Ellis, dell -- Arsenal, they are many fantastic striker, but they will didn't garage so thorough, this guy is no limit. "

Timer and dance, 6 minutesas well as 30 seconds, Davis is doing everything we can to near to the garage, but still late step. Garage again to finish a beautiful jumper - it is not strictly jumper, his toe will be out from the ground, under the condition from the body is still rising, use forefinger and middle finger touch to complete the hand. Treasury body slightly back. This not only makes his moves even more difficult to block, as well as between ball and floor a great additional 10 degrees Perspective. NBA players to occasion takes 0. 6 seconds normally, the garage from preparing action to dial your ball moves, it merely takes 0. 4 seconds. Fast to make up with the deficiency of the storage height, the ball well avoid the opponent blocking fly toward the basket in the act, the look of garage is usually along with them. His arm still moves in the event the posture, and of his teammates has begun to help pose three gestures...

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Garage under the second

Garage under the second dribbling is toward the turn on the left side with the body without any slowdown, his / her footsteps choiceness and rapidly, soon arrived at the position you intend to go. Unlike most pitcher like center of gravity down, then struggled to jump to finish, the garage action a lot more concise. Don't waste any time and energy, just jump off the soil, slightly triggered his firing action instantly. "He is not only just about the most pure great scorer, he even gave shot two words to produce the definition, the entire shooting art played any revolutionary role. "The bobcats head scout work Adam : Mr Libby said Treasury.

Kitchen counter frames in 6 min's and 31 seconds, garage from his torso slightly next point position held up the ball, the index finger as well as middle finger instinct to get gaps in the rubberized ball center. His hand gently lifted back, quit his palm the basketball, but still control among his fingers. His right arm into all the joints is close in order to 90 degree Angle, on the shoulder to the shoulder, from the elbow towards the wrist, from wrist to talk about, as if a restaurant waiter in carrying a new tray.

Glen Davis clippers, 289 - pound in-front, need to speed up their action within the Treasury, since the childhood to lay a solid foundation for complete to garage in any state, the right arm and shooting is able to keep perfect posture and power. And in addition to master hand movements, garage includes a precise shot needed yet another factor: enough deep muscles memory. Shooting touch is just not a proper adjective, a single player, able to throw a good shooting there is although one secret to all - year after year, year after year practice, until a set associated with complex dynamic chain implanted into muscle tissue. Garage never resist including monks meditate boring practice, it also helped any time he graduated from high school, eventually grow into another leading little-known Davidson school NCAA elite last seven.

"Game changing, there is no time to kd shoes you consider your own shooting actions is correct, " curry claimed, "you can only depend on their daily at the training ground building muscle memory space, hit and believe that individuals can. We're so a lot of practice in training, so as to the game, you can count on instinct to react. But if it is not correctly, the game will sense very strange. ".

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